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Poll: How Easy Do You Find Updating Your Characters?

PostPosted: July 30th, 2011, 9:37 am
by Tom
With the release of Skyrim almost around the corner, and with our planned website updates expected to come early in 2012, we are looking not only to add new content to The Elder Stats, but also to improve its existing functionality. One item that has been on our minds for quite some time is the ease of use of the character management tools in the User Control Panel (UCP). Since usability and a user-friendly interface are integral to the success of any website, we'd like to hear your feedback on how well you think the current character management interface is done, and if you think there are areas where it could be improved. (When we say the character management interface, we are referring to the page that you see when you click "Modify" next to one of your characters in the UCP, where all of the editable character data is listed).

Above this post is a short poll with a few straight-forward options regarding how easy you find it to update your characters with the current character management interface in the UCP. When we first designed the character management interface, we wanted it to be direct and easy to use, listing all of the pertinent information and statistics to be edited for each character, and allowing the easy modification and updating of these data by our users. However, that was over two years ago. Times change, and ideas change along with it. Therefore, we'd like to open up the floor to your feedback on how well-done the current character management interface is, and where you think it could use improvements. If you still like it the way it is now, that is perfectly fine. We're not looking to change it if our users like it just the way it is; we're just looking to make improvements that our users see fit.

So, please feel free to vote in the poll above and to post your feedback and suggestions in reply to this announcement topic if you have anything to say. Thank you, and enjoy the website. :)

Re: Poll: How Easy Do You Find Updating Your Characters?

PostPosted: July 30th, 2011, 2:46 pm
by whoman69
I don't think that updating is a real problem. It is quite lengthy to create a new character, but not sure what you could do to fix that. Some small things, the magicka and fatigue can be gotten from their attributes and birthsigns, so if the system could figure those out it would make it a bit shorter. I would also take out the groups which nobody is really a member such as Mystic Dawn and the Blackwater groups. You are really only a member of those groups during those missions, and undercover at that. They really don't add anything to the overall picture.