Finally, Legendary Skill Resets are Supported!

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Finally, Legendary Skill Resets are Supported!

Postby Tom » April 20th, 2015, 9:44 pm

Hey there, everyone — it's been quite awhile since the last announcement's been posted here, but I'm breaking the radio silence today to reveal the addition of a long-anticipated feature to The Elder Stats.

Today, I'm proud to announce that we have finally added the ability for you to show the number of times you have performed a "legendary" reset on the skills in your character's profile!

If you checkout your characters' profiles, you'll see that when you go to edit a profile, a new input field will be available next to the skill level input field for each skill, with a little × (times) sign next to it. To specify the number of times you have applied a legendary reset on a particular skill, just place the number in that box and click Save. You'll then notice a little gold badge next to the skill's name displaying the number of times it has been made legendary!

For those who are interested in the effect this will have on the calculation of character score, the way it's implemented now, every time you make a skill legendary (i.e., reset it), the skill's level is viewed by the score calculator as equaling:

weighted skill level = 100 × (# of times reset) + 1.15 × (# of times reset) × (current skill level)

In this way, for example, if you've legendary-reset a particular skill twice and its current skill level is now at 17, it would be viewed by the calculator as equaling 200 + (1.15 × 2 × 17) = 239 as opposed to simply 217 if greater weights weren't rewarded for making a skill "legendary" one or more times. Also, you can see from the second term in the sum that, the more times you make a skill legendary, the more of a boost you get to the actual current value for that skill.

We hope you enjoy this new and long-overdue addition to character profiles!

Please note that if you have previously set any of your characters' skills above 100 to compensate for the lack of support for legendary skill resets in the past, we would appreciate it if you would mark the number of times those skills have been legendary-reset using this new feature, and then change the skill's level down to what it actually is in-game currently. This will help us to keep the leaderboards fair and balanced. Thanks!
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